2018-2019 School Board
Joe WalshPresident
Alison Selivon Vice President
Kevin Campbell– Secretary
Mari Bangayen   
Jenny Schmidt
Andreea Bahrin     

School Board Minutes

School Advisory Board Meeting
October 15, 2018 7:00-9:00 pm

St. John Brebeuf room 2


MEETING OBJECTIVES: By the end of this meeting, participants will:

  • Approve minutes from May meeting
  • Update issues
  • Craft updated by-laws
  • Approve by-laws



Read minutes from May



  • Take an inquiry position: ask “why” questions
  • Ground statements in evidence: “Give me an example”; define, identify, explain; and data, observations and evidence are used
  • Assume positive intentions
  • Start and end on time
  • Be here now- manage your devices
  • No sidebar conversation


Call to order- Joe

Opening Prayer- Fr. Meany


Roll Call- Yes


Approval of September minutes  

Motion – Allison; 2nd: Kevin  Passed


Guests – None


Pastor’s Report- Fr. Meany:  

  • Renew My Church pamphlet; Thursday 10/18/18-Leadership Gathering;
  • Catholic School update spotlight on catholic identity (Evangelization Days);  Book “Divine Renovation: Bringing Your Parish from Maintenance to Mission.”
  • Playground – Oct 22 start date, tentative on delivery of equipment.


Principal’s Report- Mary Maloney:

  • Red Ribbon Week – Oct 22 – Oct 26
  • Halloween – preschooler – 3rd grade costumes; older can wear Halloween t-shirt and catholic school appropriate jeans;
  • Blue Ribbon Award – need to be 85% or above nationally
  • Compared data (ACT Aspire Comparison) : Same kids developmentally and grade achievements
  • Mari – concerned the aggregate scores may not be impressive to parents. Dr. Maloney acknowledged the scores, but emphasized this is comparing us against us and does not include how we rate overall in the state.  Mari asked about teachers’ response; Dr. Maloney stressed the teachers’ desire to excel
  • Kevin – inquired about curriculum/series and impact on learning.  Dr. Maloney spoke how faculty will evaluate how curriculum and lessons impact learning.

Principal’s Report included Board Constitution and Bylaws and Sub-Committee formation


Board Constitution and Bylaws:

  • Joe- School Parent Organization = Parent School Association
  • Add Athletic Board
  • Remove maximum # of board members 21.  Edit to, “Board shall consist of 9 members…”
  • Keep 20% limit of non-Catholic board members
  • Conversation about including non-parents on the Board.  “It is recommended (but not required) that we include non-parents on the Board.”
  • Nomination Process – add #4 Nominees who are approved by the Principal and Pastor shall be voted on by the Board
  • #5 Nominees who receive the votes from the Board will receive a written board appointment letter
  • #5 becomes #6.
  • #6 edit “…shall assume their responsibilities at the next Board meeting after approval.”
  • E. Exclusions – questions regarding members on multiple boards. Leave as is.
  • F. Appointment and Terms – Joe: should we allow for those who want to stay on a case by case basis if there is a void.
  • Fr. Meany – 12 years is a long time. Want to encourage fresh perspective.  
  • Kevin – create an Emeritus board member position.  Similar to alumni member. Consensus is that is the purpose of the non-parent/alumni board members.
  • Article V: Change titles from Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson to include parathetically, President and Vice-President, respectively.
  • Article V. B.1.d – wording ok? Yes

Question on frequency of Board Meetings.  

  • Keep as is.

Great idea that should be implemented is that regular meetings of the Board shall be posted in the parish bulletin.  


Article VII: Rules of Order

  • Discussion on Robert’s Rules of Order.  
  • Fr. Meany conveys concerns that one person holds power by one vote.  
  • Dr. Maloney suggests we do a mini training on Robert’s Rule.


  • Joe - Marketing/Enrollment Committee and Communication Committee should be combined.  


Article IX and X

  • Spoke at length about Conflicts of Interest, Confidentiality and Objectively and Unity. Importance of understanding the need to form consensus and to avoid instances where unauthorized board meetings at impromptu gatherings, excluding members either intentionally or unintentionally (example was several board members getting coffee and discussing school advisory board issues).

Joe – question if Archdiocese has orientation/onboarding training for new board members.  



  • Dr. Maloney – take time to review and decide which committee(s) interest.  Board member will be chairperson of each committee.
  • Combine Communication and Marketing committee – consensus of all board members
  • Executive – outlined by bylaws consist of Chairperson, Principal and Pastor
  • Other committees – list was passed around and Board Members signed up to chair committees.  

Mission Effectiveness – Jenny Schmidt

Fiscal Management – Kevin Campbell

Development – Joe Walsh/Andreea

Marketing/Communication – Allison

Strategic Plan – Mari/Joe


Old Business

  • Craft and adopt by-laws

New Business

  • Select sub-committees
  • Start to look and reach out to parents to help contribute on committees and get involved
  • Look for all types of parents who are active and not so active to get them more involved and informed
  • Fill out committee purposes, next step and timelines to have clear understanding of what members will be doing and how committee will function


  • Motion; Kevin
  • 2nd : Mari
  • Pass                                                                        


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