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The SJB Store Certificate Program Committee would like to welcome you and your children to St. John Brebeuf School. We are truly excited to have you as a member of our parish community. We know that it can be a sacrifice for some families to be able to send their children to Catholic schools. We appreciate your commitment to the quality education that our school has to offer.

For those families new to our school & program, welcome!! This program will allow you to earn tuition credit, while at the same time earning money for St. John Brebeuf School! This is exciting because it is a Win-Win situation for everyone involved!

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What Is the The Store Certificate Program?

The Program is called the “St. John Brebeuf Store Certificate Program.” The program works as follows: You purchase gift certificates or gift cards from the SJB Store Certificate Program for the stores you currently shop at on a regular basis. When you shop, you use these cards in place of cash. The Certificate Program purchases these cards from the stores at a discount. This discount ranges from 2%-30% of the money you spend. You and SJB School will split the discount profits. Your discount will be accrued and will be applied once a year toward your spring tuition payment (if your earned discount exceeds the April tuition amount, discount will go toward May’s tuition and so on). This program does not involve spending any additional money outside your normal budget.

The SJB Store Certificate Program was established many years ago as a fundraiser for our school. About 8 years ago the mission of the program was changed. At that time it was decided that 50% of the proceeds from the program would be given back to the school families to be used to combat rising tuition costs. Since that time over $50,000 has been returned to our school families. This is no small amount considering that it is not a mandatory program and it does not cost our families any money to use other than what they normally spend.

The certificate program is NOT a mandatory fund raising program however; wouldn't it be nice to reduce your tuition expenses at no extra cost to you? Family and friends can also purchase certificates and request that their purchases are credited to your family. A statement will be generated periodically showing the status of your account.

How do I purchase certificates? Limited amounts of gift cards and certificates are available for purchase in the school office or after masses in the church lobby. You can also order from over 200 stores by submitting an order form to the school office or Rectory by 9:00a.m. on Monday morning when school is in session. When school is not in session, orders must be dropped off at the Rectory by 9:00a.m. on Monday. When an order is placed in this manner, the certificates will be available for pick-up on Thursday of that week at the school office or Rectory. You may also complete a registration form that allows your child to carry the certificates home to you. (Please note: Children in Preschool and Kindergarten are not allowed to carry certificates home.) Store Certificate order forms can be found outside the school office or on the SJB website at

If you have any questions or if you need a better explanation of the program, please feel free to contact Jackie Ermilio at

Sample Purchase

Here’s an example…your family typically spends $500 per month in groceries. Each month, you purchase $500 in Jewel gift cards from St. John Brebeuf Store Certificate Program. The Certificate Program will earn $20 from that purchase. You will receive a $10 credit toward your tuition payment and St John Brebeuf School will receive the other $10. If you think about it, you are earning this credit without spending more than you would have normally for your groceries. $10 a month doesn’t sound like a lot of money but if you earn $10 a month for 12 months, you will be able to deduct $120 from your tuition or use the cash refund as you wish.

Family and friends can also purchase certificates and request that their purchases are credited to your account. Family account numbers will be given to you after your first certificate purchase. A statement will be generated periodically showing the status of your account.

Program Policies

1. An account number has been assigned to each family. Relatives or friends may help a family earn tuition credit by ordering certificates through a family or by registering in the program and have their earnings credited to a certain family. All certificate orders for one family number must be in one envelope and all checks in the envelope must be made payable to “St. John Brebeuf Store Certificate Program.”

2. The purchase of these certificates is not tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value.

3. A statement of your purchases will be sent out periodically. Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the program coordinator within 15 days of the certificate statement date.

4. Children in grades 1 to 8 will be allowed to transport certificates home. A registration form must be completed for each school year and the disclaimer section signed before certificates will be released to your child. A child can only receive his or her family certificates.

5. On your order form, write the dollar amount of the certificates you wish to purchase. Total the order and enclose your payment. We reserve the right to change any incorrect orders. Checks are preferred and should be made payable to “St. John Brebeuf Store Certificate Program”. Cash is not a preferred form of payment and we will not be responsible for any lost orders. If you must pay in cash, please limit the amount to $100.

6. Completed certificate order forms may be dropped off at the rectory, school office or may be sent to school with your child.

7. All completed certificate order forms are due on Mondays by 9:00 am in the school office. No late orders will be accepted. Filled orders will be available for pick-up on Thursday afternoons from the school office until 2:50 pm. If you are unable to pick up your order at school, orders may be picked up at the rectory, during usual business hours, beginning Thursday after 4:00 pm. If you have signed a disclaimer form, orders will be distributed and sent home with your child on Thursday afternoon. Please note that during the busy Christmas season, delivery days may be changed. Participants of the program are urged to count certificates immediately when they are received. Any errors must be reported within 4 days of the scheduled pick-up date. If a mistake of any kind is found, a coordinator must be notified immediately.

8. Gift cards and certificates from a limited number of stores will be sold after each mass on Saturday evenings and on Sundays. In addition, for your convenience, the school office will sell certificates from a limited number of stores, during regular school hours.

9. Each year, the SJB Store Certificate Program will issue a rebate voucher to each participating family. This voucher will itemize all monies earned during the Program’s fiscal year (April 1 through March 31). The voucher may be used as cash toward tuition payments at SJB. Should you wish to use the voucher toward high school or college tuition, fees or Religious Education fees, please contact a program coordinator so a check can be issued to the appropriate institution.

10. To keep you informed of any changes to this program, including new store additions, updates will be enclosed in the certificate orders and/or placed in the weekly school news bulletin.

11. The gift cards and certificates are just like cash. Neither St. John Brebeuf School nor the “SJB Store Certificate Program” will be responsible for lost or damaged certificates.

12. Anyone writing a NSF (non-sufficient funds) or other returned check will incur a fee of $25. After 2 returned checks are tendered on your account, only money orders or cashiers checks will be accepted as means of payment. No further checks will be accepted for purchase of certificates. Your child’s (children’s) report card will be held if returned checks are not replaced.


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